Discover the pain relief from High Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.

What is High Power Deep Tissue Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment modality where light is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote wound healing and soft tissue repair. Most therapy lasers on the market today have a power range from 5mw to 500mw, making them a cold laser. Our laser will emit a power range from 1000mw to 15,000mw, making this a high-power heat deep tissue laser that can put an end to your pain!

Why Laser is Different?

Laser therapy is a medical breakthrough therapeutic device with unparalleled applications and treatment outcomes. The Laser works by converting light into biochemical energy, resulting in normal cell function, which causes symptoms (PAIN) to disappear.
The primary biological action of laser results from stimulation of cellular transport mechanisms in the mitochondria, cell membranes and epithelial tissues. This action causes the release of vasodilating chemicals, the stimulation of DNA and RNA (Building blocks) synthesis, an increase in enzyme production, an increase of superoxide dismutase activity, normalization of tissue pH, and increased ATP production.
The increase of vasodilatation (blood supply) and improved microcirculation will increase the supply of cellular nutrition promoting tissue repair and remodeling (which means you heal faster). Significant reduction in edema (swelling) is also noted.

Pain (Analgesia) is reduced by the following effects of Laser therapy:

  • Increase in Beta Endorphin release
  • Increase in Nitric Oxide release
  • Decrease in Bradykinin release
  • Ion Channel normalization
  • Stabilization of the membrane potential of nerve cells
  • Increase in release of Acetylcholine
  • Blocks depolarization of C-fiber afferent nerves 

Inflammatory (natural healing) Cycle is not exacerbated, rather is accelerated by the following effects of Laser therapy:

  • Inhibition of synthesis and secretion of inflammatory Prostaglandins (stimulate target cells into action vs. neurotransmitter global effect) that have vasodilator and anti-inflammatory actions
  • Stabilization of cellular membrane
  • Enhancing synthesis and production of ATP
  • Stimulation of vasodilation
  • Acceleration of Leukocytic activity
  • Reduction in Interleukin 1

Accelerates Tissue Repair by the following biochemical effects of Laser Therapy:

  • Increasing the production of ATP (cells take up nutrients faster and gets rid of waste products faster)
  • Increasing rate of cellular mitosis & collagen synthesis
  • Activating fibroblasts, chondrocytes, osteocytes & other tissue repair cell types (tendons, ligaments, bones & muscles heal at an accelerated rate)
  • Acceleration of tissue granulation and epithelization of wounds
  • Stimulating the regeneration of peripheral nerves
  • Stimulating the remodeling of scar tissue 

Accelerates Tissue Repair by the following biological & physiological effects of Laser therapy:

  • Stimulation of the formation of new capillaries within the damaged tissue (angiogenesis)
  • Temporary vasodilation of the vasculature
  • Accelerating the reabsorption of hematomas
  • Reducing the release of vasoactive amines
  • Chromophore stimulation increases production of ATP & other cellular enzymes
  • Stimulation of the cell wall and plasma membrane in unhealthy cells changing the rate of caution exchange
  • Accelerating wound healing therefore reducing scar tissue formation ((reducing fibrous tissue formation)
  • Remodeling of existing scar tissue into normal elastic state
  • Increasing respiratory rate of nerve cells
  • Increasing amplitude of action potential therefore normalizing impulse transmission
  • Stimulation of fibroblast cells (building blocks of collagen - essential protein required for tissue repair)
  • Increasing Leukocyte and Macrophage activity at the wound site
  • Regenerating capillaries at a faster rate
  • Stimulating the activity of both lymphatic Th & Ts cells in the inflammatory response
  • Stimulating acupuncture points (needleless)
  • Immediate reduction of trigger points (needleless)